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25 Hobbies and Activities for Budget-Minded Couples

By Free-Coupon

Are you allowing quality time with your honey to get pushed aside due to the lack of funds or a tight budget? There are too many free or low-cost activities available to ignore such a vital part of your relationship. According to Courtney Carver, author of Be More With Less, “Shared interests for couples are so important. When you have a hobby or activity that you enjoy with your partner, you naturally spend more time together and have more to talk about. There are so many things you can do together. Hiking, skiing, cooking classes, travel and other activities add another level of connection and communication. It’s important to have your own individual interests as well, but the things you enjoy together will strengthen your relationship.”  Here are 25 ideas to help get you started:

1. Ballroom Dancing

Most studios offer big discounts to first time students. Take advantage of these introductory specials and then use what you learn. Before you know it, you and your amore will be dancing your way through life. Go to access dance for information relating to all things ballroom.

2. Massage

Getting a professional massage is expensive. Learn massage techniques online for free.

3. Community Theatre

Enjoy seeing a live show or join a community theater group and be part of the fun. You will not only save money, but feel good about supporting your community.

4. Bicycling

Whether you’re on a mountain bikeroad bike or a bicycle built for two, you and your sweet baboo will be rolling into fun times ahead.

5. Concerts in the Park

During summer months most local parks have free concerts. Pack a picnic blanket, a bottle of wine (if allowed), and some light snacks. Snuggle into your snookum’s arms and listen to sweet melodies under the stars.

6. Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is an excellent bonding experience for couples. You’re literally tied at the hip. On beautiful sunny days go climbing outdoors, or use a climbing facility for a different experience. Rock climbing is a hobby that will help you and your sugar plum reach new levels in your relationship.

7. Join a Book Club

If you and your little book worm are already avid readers, you would enjoy a book club. There are websites that help you find the right club for you.

8. Cooking

Take a cooking class to study the fine art of French cooking.  Or, turn on some music, open a bottle of wine and cook a tasty meal together at home. You and your lamb chop will heat up the kitchen in no time.

9. Gardening

Gardening is a hobby shared by many couples and an excellent way to save money on food. If you don’t have room for a full garden there are several container options available. Once the dirty work is complete, you and your little cabbage will enjoy the fruits of your labor.

10. Join a Local Sports Team

Community sports are not just for kids. Join an adult softball, volleyball or soccer team. If outdoor sports are not up your alley, join a bowling league in your area.

11. Play Games

Start a game club with your friends. Take turns hosting game night or make a rule that the losers have to host next week’s party. Mix things up by playing different games. Have a poker night, board games, charades or even video games.

12. Volunteer

There are numerous volunteer projects that are in need of people’s time.

13. Photography

This hobby provides countless opportunities to share special moments with your one and only. Take the time to appreciate the unique way your flutter bug views the world. Create an online photo album to share your photos.

Bonus: This can be an “add-on” hobby to use in tandem with other hobbies and interests.

14. Dinner Club

Start a dinner club either with your existing friends or to make new friends.

15. Walk or Hike

Find hiking trails in your area, make a habit of taking a walk after dinner each night, or go on wandering walks.  A wandering walk is going out your door with no direction in mind.  It’s a great way to explore your neighborhood.

Bonus: Hiking can be combined with camping for the true outdoor enthusiast. Bring some photography into it and you have three hobbies intermingling and enhancing the experience.

16. Astronomy or Star Gazing

Visit an observatory or simply go to your backyard. Free apps are available that show you the constellations. It’s the ideal activity for two star-eyed lovers.

17. Local Tours

Play tourists in your own town or become guides. You can turn your hobby into a way to make some extra money. If this is something you would enjoy here are a few websites that give information.

18. PJ Day

Spend the entire day in your PJ’s relaxing with your angel pie.

19. Camping

Camping is an exceptional way to remove you from distractions such as computers, cell phones, and television. A sleeping bag for two is perfect for snuggle bunnies. If sleeping in the great outdoors is not for you, opt for “camping” in your living room. Build an adult version of an indoor fort.

20. Start a collection

Find small tokens to remind you of special times you spend together. Save a seashell from a walk on the beach or the softball from a homerun one of you hit. A collection of memories is a priceless collection.

21. Go to Parks or Zoos

Go to local parks and zoos or find national or state parks. Make a list of parks you are both interested in visiting. Create a memory book of your park adventures.

22. Join a Club

Find a local club to connect with couples who share your interests. If you are beginning a hobby, it is also a free or inexpensive way to learn from others with experience.

23. Exercise Together

Partners can help motivate each other to make getting in shape easier and more enjoyable.

24. Start a Blog

I’ll help you get started by providing a name for your blog, “The Fun We Had Completing Sheri’s 25 Hobbies for Budget-Minded Couples”.  All you have to do is start your adventure and share your experience.

25. Have Sex!

Couples can have a rich, fulfilling life without financial sacrifice. The most important thing to remember is to love each other and make the most of every moment.

What free or inexpensive hobbies do you enjoy?  What tricks have you found to reduce the entertainment portion of your budget without cutting the value of your entertainment?