Casual Look

5 Manly Tips on How to Upgrade Your Casual Look

By Free-Coupon

There’s no denying that men want to look better and dress nicer too. But figuring out how to do that can be frustrating. That’s why it is important to follow these casual style tips. Simply looking trendy for the current season is not enough – it is all about allowing men to look their best, without trying to be too flashy. And what’s great, being the best dressed version of you does not have to mean breaking the bank if you learn how to make use of coupons right. Read on to learn more:

Dress Your Age

When it comes to casual style tips, a lot of men make the common mistake of trying to look younger, as opposed to dressing their age. While no one is suggesting that you start taking fashion tips from your grandfather or even your father, you’ll need to leave the clothes that you wore as a teenager behind at some point and start slowly aging up your wardrobe, before it is too late!

Ditch Those Graphic Tees

One of the easiest ways to showcase your increased maturity, as far as style is concerned? Shed those graphic tees once and for all! We all love them and most of us have had a period in our lives where we wore them nonstop. But guess what? Every guy wears them and if you continue to do so, all you will do is blend into the crowd, as opposed to standing out. Solid tees, striped tees or polo shirts offer a much more mature look. You can save on the majority of the items you will need by shopping at such stores as Nordstrom promotion and other popular outlets.

Avoid Baggy Jeans

Fear not, you can still wear jeans. But you will need to buy jeans that actually fit and leave the baggy look behind. While you may wish to move on from a look that is entirely too dependent on t-shirts and jeans, you can keep the them as long as they are properly fitted for your body and avoid any superfluous design flourishes. This means no jeans that have been bleached, ripped or purposely distressed. Want a a pair that looks broken in? It’s enough when you do what the rest of us do and wait a while or check out the rigged jeans instruction StyleCaster has prepared for you.

Upgrade Your Footwear

Your dirty old sneakers are no longer cute. To put the finishing touches on a great outfit, you’ll need a more dignified pair of shoes. Women almost always notice a man’s shoes, so choose wisely, with a pair of brown leather loafers. For those who aren’t quite ready to make that change, offers a desert boot that splits the difference between sneakers and loafers.

Wrist Accessories

Some men may hate the idea of accessorizing, but the reality of the matter is that naked wrists are very boring to look at. Want to spruce up a dull and uninteresting outfit? Add a watch or a leather bracelet. Doing so will give your outfit some added personality. Wrist accessories provide your getup with some extra intention and let the world know you’re a smart and snappy dresser!