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YouTube TV is yet another addition to the already large market of live TV services. Led by Google. it hopes to set itself apart by capitalizing on the brand-mainly known for short form user content-to build its subscriber base. get youtube tv promo code free month 2020

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    What Is YouTube TV?

    YouTube TV is yet another addition to the already large market of live TV services. Led by Google, it hopes to set itself apart by capitalizing on the brand-mainly known for short form user content-to build its subscriber base. Much like the others in this field, its has both its pros and cons. While some of these features might be a benefit for certain users, others will find them to be more than they need.

    Network Affiliates

    One of the biggest issues to come out the battle for customers has been streaming of local channels. In recent years, more networks have opened their feeds to various companies through constantly changing agreements.

    YouTube TV features all four networks as of 2019. Plans vary to include some or all of networks with the emphasis still being on the traditional “cable” channels. Though it is a pay TV service, commercials are still a part of local TV channels and there are no plans to add an commercial-free service for viewers.


    The service offers subscribers a standard cloud based DVR as part of their plans. While the maximum amount of recordable hours vary, the service limits the storage time for any individual recording to nine months. Competitors offer much of the same with AT&T varying greatly by reducing their DVR storage time to one month.

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    Added Channels

    The availability of channels does not vary for YouTube TV subscribers. It’s a one plan fits all mentality that could be a problem for users that want more choice from their service. The upside is the service includes many popular channels that cover entertainment, news, and sports. For most casual TV viewers this should be enough to justify a subscription. If someone is looking for more plan options, this might not be the right solution.


    Streaming plans vary when it comes to available streams. YouTube TV is one of the services that allows several devices to show multiple streams at once. This is especially great for those constantly on the go and families seeking some peace when it is time to pick a show. The service allows three streams per registered subscriber account.

    The Layout

    Anyone familiar with the standard YouTube interface will find a lot of familiar details in the YouTube TV service. Boxes feature content currently playing as well as on-demand and DVR recordings. The red, black, and white color scheme highlights the brand while providing an easy to read format. Like many streaming apps, a menu located on the side provides quick access to any section.

    The Verdict

    The price point of YouTube TV keeps it competitive in a growing market. With a singular plan available, it makes quick work of picking packages and seems to keep costs down compared to cable options. The downside comes from that same lack of packages; without more plans or choices, a viewer can end up with more unwanted than wanted channels.

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    Channels provided cover most subjects a viewer would be searching for during daily viewing. The addition of live local affiliates removes the need for antennas and ensures better picture quality. Add-on channels are mostly reserved for premium subscription channels. Any add-on is not included in the subscription price.

    A reliable DVR helps sell this package. It preserves recordings for a longer time than competitors and ensures the picture quality remains. The placement as a separate section from live content also helps users find what they are looking for without too much hassle. A lack of more space or the opportunity to purchase it could become a problem for those viewers that rely on DVR over live TV. .

    People looking for an alternative to traditional TV antennas and cable services should check out the service. The free trial week offers a chance to see if this is the right choice among available services. Ultimately, the choice will depend on how much a viewer likes the interface of YouTube, the DVR, and the little details that set it apart.