5 Budget DIY Decorations for Holiday Season

5 Budget DIY Decorations for Holiday Season

By Free-Coupon

I believe you already have many ideas about how you can make lots of savings via homemade gifts and Christmas appetizers this holiday season, but did you know that you do not have to break the bank for the best Christmas decorations either? Check out my compilation of the top 5 budget-friendly Christmas decorations below:

1. Pine Garlands
Do you live close to a forest? Then you do not have to break the bank for Christmas decorations! Look out for some pine boughs for really excellent home decorations.

Look for the nice and thick ones and cut some. Wrap wide ribbons around each of them and set the garland on the mantle or somewhere you feel it is best displayed. To bring some pop to the scenery, add a number of glittery stars, Christmas balls, and LED candles, and decorate places like your staircase, your bed’s headboard and the mantel.

2. Origami Stars
Do you often get discouraged by people who think that beautiful origami stars are too difficult to make for some good Christmas decorations? They are not really hard to make as people may think; hundreds of tutorials both in books and online exist today for that purpose.

You may also use colorful patterned papers to make origami stars even more captivating. Old newspapers, scrapbook paper, and sheet music can also make them really stand out.

Origami stars are beautiful to hang up from the ceiling, mirrors, windows or even decorate your Christmas tree using them.

3. Felt Decorations
Though it may be overlooked as just any other cheap fabric by many, felt can really look great and colorful for your Christmas decorations if it falls into the right hands. It is quite versatile and very easy to work on, especially with its raft of colors and structures that gives you the liberty to easily choose your most favorable and suitable to use for your needs.

For instance, cut out 2 sets of stars, triangles or another shape of your choice, with one of them slightly bigger so that a border is left when they are glued together. Embellishments or letters spelling out “Merry Christmas” are some of the other additions you could include and make it more lovely. Then attach the shapes to a ribbon and hang them over a doorway or the mantel.

4. Snowflake and other Cutouts
Even Boney M cannot say Mary’s Boy Child more than marvelously-cut festive snowflakes adorning a house can; they are so easy to make that you can even ask your children to come join the party!

Fold a square piece of paper in half diagonally and then fold the resultant triangle in half again, then fold it over again into thirds. After the folding, then cut off its wide end to leave it flat. Cut designs into the triangle sides. Then open it up and reveal your beautiful snowflake. Making dozens and hanging them from the ceiling or gluing them to mirrors and windows creates an elegant Christmas decoration for your house. You could also vary your traditional winter snowflakes via the use of silver and golden cardboard or colored paper.

5. Holiday branches
Holiday branches are another way of creating an absolute festive ambiance for your home. Spray-paint dry branches with a nice golden or silver color and then wind-twist a red or pink ribbon around them.

Some great adornments for these branches include berries, mini-bulbs, and fake snow. Also, displaying them in a vase, especially on the Christmas table or mantelpiece, is a great idea.