General Shopping Tips at Kohl’s

By Free-Coupon

It is a well known fact that Kohl’s loves and regularly rewards their weekend shoppers and that means shopping on Saturdays and Sundays will probably get you the greatest savings on the widest range of products. And according to a number of savvy shopping blogs, the second and fourth Saturdays of each month are ideal shopping times to earn massive savings because they markdown far more of their merchandise than usual. Shopping during Power Hour is a great way to save an additional 10-25% either online or in-store, while Night Owls can save the most between 3pm and closing on Fridays, and Early Birds save on Saturdays from open to 1pm. All of the promotions mentioned here are advertised both online and in your local paper so keep an eye out for them! And if you’re shopping in-store then early weekend morning are the best time for you to go through the sales racks because they won’t have been picked over yet and the specials are only just getting started.

Spend $48 and still earn $10 Kohl’s Cash

If you are a regular Kohl’s shopper then you have no doubt registered for Kohl’s Cash Rewards. That is, you earn $10 in Kohl’s Cash for every $50 you spend during Kohl’s Cash earning periods. But according to people in the know, as long as your final receipt or order (before tax and after discounts have been applied) is over $48 you still qualify for your $10 in Kohl’s Cash.

Check the upper right corner of price tags

By checking the upper right corner of LCD price tags you can plan your savings and hold out on buying an item until it reaches a price that you are comfortable with paying. You will have to weigh the benefits of waiting for markdowns with the risk of that product, or your particular size/color/style being sold out but often the risk is worth the wait!

  • SQUARE: This item has reached the lowest price for the season and won’t drop again unless it goes on clearance
  • BB: Bonus Buy
  • BGH: Buy One, Get One Half Off
  • PP (Product Placement): The sales price is not a percentage discount and is fixed
  • S: (Sale): The item will be on sale for the next 1-2 weeks
  • NM: The item will be marked down either that evening or the following morning

Get paid when the price drops after your purchase

If you purchase an item and it get’s further discounted within 14 days of your purchase then you are eligible to claim that cash back, kohls coupon 30 off although this doesn’t apply to clearance or BOGO items. Again you will have to weigh the decision to take advantage of this as any coupons applied to your original purchase must still be valid in order for them to be applied to the new sales price. To claim this refund you can visit the customer service desk or call (855) 564-5705.

Wednesdays are Seniors Days


If you are 55 years old or older then you qualify for the 15% Seniors Discount on Wednesdays, but only if you shop in-store. Also this discount cannot be used in conjunction with a number of other promotions as well as on certain merchandise so keep that in mind when taking advantage of your Senior status.

Cyber Monday and Black Friday equal massive savings

During Cyber Monday and Black Friday weeks is the best time to buy high ticket and Hot Name Brand items that are usually excluded from regular promotions and for which there are rarely, if ever discount kohls 30 off coupons available. Also during these promotions you can earn $15 in Kohl’s Cash for every $50 that you spend.

Lookout for Gold Star Clearance Sales

Roughly four times a year, normally at the end of each season, Kohl’s holds their Gold Star Clearance Sale where you can get up to 80% off the original sales prices on chosen items. And the really great thing is that you can stack your Gold Star Clearance savings with coupons and sometimes even Kohl’s Cash that will earn you truly massive savings. Gold Star Clearance items are usually towards the back of the store and can be anything including Hot Name Brand items! They are easy to identify because there will be gold tags on red lined items that have their prices slashed. It may take some serious searching to find what you really want so remember to prepare yourself for a long haul!