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8 Ways to Play with Your Food (and Impress Your Kids)

By Free-Coupon

It is back to school, which means kids are getting anxious! Whether they are anxious in a sense that they get to all of their friends, or anxious from nerves for their first day of school (it can be intimidating!). Just imagine how big of a smile your little munchkin will have when they open their lunchbox to the best lunch ever.

Although, it’s hard to make sure that children eat all of the necessary food groups, you can easily steer them away from the expensive junk food from the store, all while still keeping your children intrigued – (even in veggies!) Surprise your kids with fun little creations in their lunch boxes, whether it’s a short note or fun shaped sandwiches.

We’ve made it easy for you by compiling different examples found on Pinterest.

Banana The FatWallet social team wanted to have a little fun while browsing for great ideas for kids lunches. We stumbled upon “secret messages” written on banana peels. We wanted to try it out ourselves. All you have to do is write your hidden words with a pencil on the banana, and by the time lunch comes around – the writing will turn brown. It worked well, even after an hour and a half.


Star Wars lunchSince we love Star Wars at FatWallet, we came across a post originally made by Sara @MomEndeavors . She came up with printable Star Wars notes for her son’s lunch box. (“You R2 Smart” & more!) It won’t take more than a few clicks on your computer to print these out and stick them in your child’s lunch.
(See original post with more ideas)


Healthiest DonuLet’s face it, kids love donuts – although, donuts aren’t healthy. Here’s a healthy alternative to the not so healthy donut. It’s simple! All you need is a donut cutter (or a round object) bread, peanut butter, sprinkles, and a smile. Thanks to Amy from SuperHealthyKids, we were able to share this creative creation.
(See original post with more ideas)


caterpiller graKids love bugs! Why not turn healthy grapes into caterpillars! What you need: grapes, skewers, mini chocolate chips and icing. Thread the grapes onto the skewer and then put two dots of icing to make two eyes. The final step is to attach the mini chocolate chips on the icing, BAM! Caterpillar grapes!
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transformers-beThis Transformer themed lunch is a perfect idea for kids obsessed with cars and robots. See the perfect how-to guide on making this amazing lunch at Alpha Mom’s post.


lunch box dadIt may not be easy being green, but it is easy to bring a smile to your child’s face when they see their lunch! With a little time and creativity, you can turn an assortment of healthy lunch options into a work of edible art!
(For complete instructions, see the original post)


lunch box dad 2The Minions from Despicable Me can bring a smile to anyone’s face! Just simply take a banana, and cut it in half. You don’t have to be an artist to draw these little guys. Add crafting eyeballs, draw little smiles, and use a blue sharpie to draw the overalls – you are all set!
(See original post here!)


fish_sandwichWhy settle for a boring sandwich when you could make it adorable? Use a bun for your sandwich and cut it in half. Decorate your fish creation with any type of cheese for the fins, and a different colored cheese and olives for the eyes. Carrots can be used for the tails. Fill the box with berries or tomatoes, and you’ll have a memorable lunch!
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