Automatic Price Matching at Walmart with Savings Catcher

By Free-Coupon

How much time have you spent going through ads trying to find the best price before shopping? Walmart is saving you time and helping you get the most bang for your buck with its new Savings Catcher program. What this means is that you can have Walmart price match your purchases to local competitors and if they find a lower advertised price, they’ll rebate the difference with a Walmart Rewards eGift Card!

While there are exceptions, Walmart’s price matching will allow consumers to save on most grocery, consumable and health and wellness items. To find what can and cannot be price matched, look through the eligibility section of the FAQ. Many general merchandise items are excluded from this program.

How Does the Savings Catcher Work?

  1. You must be 18 years old with an account on
  2. Make your purchase and hold onto the receipt.
  3. Submit your receipt within 7 days on the Walmart Savings Catcher — You can enter the receipt number on the website, or use the mobile app to scan the barcode or submit the e-receipt.
  4. Walmart does all the work looking at current advertisements in your area for lower prices.
  5. The difference adds up in Savings Catcher Credits that can be redeemed for an egift card.

You can redeem up to $599.99 in a year, with up to 7 receipts processed in a week.

Don’t worry fellow coupon lovers, if you use a coupon, you’ll still get the correct difference!

So what do you think? Will this entice you to shop at Walmart more?

Let us know in the comments section below!

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