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Top 8 Tips on Selling Your Clothes Online

By Free-Coupon

You might be surprised to find out that, on average, it is estimated that a typical American wardrobe holds around 100 items with 22 of them being those that are never worn at all. Similarly, an average woman owns over $1000 in underused (mostly only worn once) or never-worn pieces of clothing and other textiles. Low prices and special discounts attainable with coupons at such versatile shops as Target certainly encourage to buy, even though sometimes we may not be fully convinced about the product. Most probably, you also have lots of items that rarely see the daylight and could be sold for a profit. Once you’ve arrived at that conclusion, make sure you consider the following factors carefully and your online clothes sales will go smooth!

Your Targets

Before going for an online sale of your clothes, you need to set your targets. What do you want to achieve? How much cash do you hope to get in return? Having a good estimate of this figure will help you keep yourself focused during the entire process.

Don’t Overrate Your Sale

One thing that you need to know before deciding to go online is that your sale won’t just happen overnight. The Internet is a powerful tool but you need to be realistic. You should expect about two months or so in turnaround. Both sales and purchasing take time, not only when it comes to such important matters as buying a house, but clothes as well.

Don’t Make Abrupt Decisions

Sell only what you can do without. Don’t let yourself regret later that you sold something that you were not supposed to or a piece of clothing that you may need to buy again soon. When you do find yourself in such a situation though, remember to use coupons and shop at such stores as Sears to stay within your budget.

Aesthetics are Important Here

Post nice photos and details of your products. Take at least two quality photos (both front and back view) for each clothing item you are selling and also include their details beside them. All the clothing items that you are offering for sale should be sparklingly clean and in a sale-able condition when you post them.

Be Honest with Yourself First

If you are selling a clothing item that still has its tag on, then it most likely means that you didn’t wear it because you didn’t really love it enough to. So, don’t lie to yourself that you wanted to wear it. Just take advantage of this situation – clothing items with tags still on sell really well and fast. On eBay, they even have a name for them: BNWT i.e. Brand New With Tags.

Season Matters

When you clear out your wardrobe, remember to sync with the seasons. On eBay, while coats and knits sell most between November and February, summer listings begin to creep in around March. For the festival season, items like head bands, crop tops and jean shorts sell the most.

Check for Equivalents

Before you can list your item on eBay, remember to always check for its equivalents so as to have a good idea of how much to expect in return and after how long. When you have a lot of competition, most probably you will end up with less because you may be forced to lower your prices with time.

Factor in Site Charges

Unfortunately, using eBay or PayPal is not free. Both online platforms levy some charges for their services. The same also applies to the online dress agencies that you will use. As a result of all these fees and charges, as a rule of thumb, you can expect even as much as 50% of the sale price of whatever your items sell for being deducted. Compare different services and choose the best one for you.